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connect to your heart, body
& your true nature

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"The path of awakening is not about becoming who you are.

Rather it is unbecoming who you are not".


I am here for you

I am Simone - Self Love Coach and Embodiment Teacher and author of the Blossome Journal. My intention is to lead women on a journey to themselves - to rediscover their inner essence - which is ultimately love.

My approach is very holistic and I work with different tools like: Dance, Embodiment, Guided Meditations and Visualisations, Mindfulness Techniques, Astrology, Human Design, Journaling... and my greatest teacher: MOTHER NATURE. All this to activate and inspire body, mind and soul and to connect you fully with the present moment - the place where healing and growth begin to blossom.


By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-9

love letters from Simone

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Blossome journal

This guided journal accompanies you on your path to yourself. There is much to discover - a life full of joy, lightness and love that is just waiting to be created by you.



I support you in connecting with your true nature and living your truth - without putting too much pressure on you.


"I want you to feel that you are beautiful, unique and perfect ... exactly the way you are."

It's time to blossom and express all your facets.


Earthess rising

a sensual journey that takes you through the four seasons back to your full feminine nature. Express your true essence, Goddess of the Earth.


the magic of coaching

experiences with simone

"Simone is simply an enrichment for everyone who wants to take a closer look at their own life and understand themselves better. You feel good, you are allowed to BE. She gives you the space to develop yourself, opens up new perspectives and supports you to accept yourself as you are. Namely, already wonderful :)"

"Dear Simone, as I mentioned before, I have never been able to open up to a person from the start, without ulterior motives and fears. You have a great gift for offering people a space where one can feel safe, comfortable and secure."

"I am very flashed to have arrived at so much peace after such a restless and whirlwind day. You make me feel right - I get to take my time - zero stressors - lots of harmony."

"I feel like I'm coming more into myself with each session and I'm feeling myself, my intuition and my gut more with each day. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for that!!!"

"Simone is a very special person and a great coach! With her empathetic, open and at the same time funny way, she encourages you to listen to your own intuition ... Many things seem completely different and easier after a closer look together with Simone."

"Simone encouraged me to accept my being as it is. Not to want to keep my inner fire down and to let my light shine. So that I can shape my life out of this power."

"Simone just manages to open spaces where you can heal and supports you to find yourself again!"

"Simone has such a wonderfully calm, sympathetic and unbiased manner that you immediately feel comfortable and welcome. I have been shown completely new perspectives and ways of thinking that have supported me a lot on the path to myself. Coaching with Simone was definitely one of the best decisions I made for myself!"

pleasure moments

retreat, 19-23 January 2022, allgäu

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retreat, 09 - 13 OCTOBER 2022, MALLORCA

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Ritual tools

to create a sacred space within and around you

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she podcast by simone stocker

the podcast for the rebel in you

there is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful,

than a woman being unapologetically herself;

comfortable in her imperfection,

to me, that is the true essence of beauty.

- steve maraboli

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By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-38

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