By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-39

i see a world


By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-111-2

and feel that we are all part of the big picture. You are here for a reason, my love.

and i want to help create this world.

Hi, I'm simone.

here is part of my story

I have always felt a bit like the black sheep - in my family and between most of the people I grew up with. I thought I had to be someone else to be loved and to belong.

Five years ago I had a "normal" life - I had a well-paid job, a super nice flat, very good friends and I was in a happy relationship. But if I'm completely honest, I still wasn't fulfilled. Something was missing. And I didn't want to admit it - I felt bad not being completely satisfied. So I just went on like that and stayed in my comfort zone a little longer.

By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-117

and suddenly everything changed

- and there was nothing I could do about it.

My relationship ended and my world fell to pieces. That was the call from the universe. That was the beginning of my journey
- out of my comfort zone. Into my heart.
And it was quite uncomfortable.

I quit my job, sold most of my things and bought a one-way ticket to Bali. I wanted to leave everything I knew behind for a while. I had to free myself from all the expectations to find ME again. To learn to listen to my heart again and find out what I really want. And I did.

And found much more than I was looking for.

My deep journey to my true nature began in Bali - it led me to several trainings such as a Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, a 5-Element Dance and Embodiment Training, an intensive Life Coaching Training and much more. It is especially important to me to embody and integrate everything I pass on to you myself - that's why you get a unique and far-reaching mix of different tools, healing methods and my own experiences.

i believe life always happens for us and steers us in the right direction. not always gently. it is up to us whether we heed this call or deny our true nature any longer.

- and I believe it is our responsibility to share these gifts and help others with them.

Today I know that we must first begin to love ourselves for who we really are. Only then can we share this real love with others and live in more fulfilling and beautiful relationships.

Today I know that it is quite normal to have fears and self-doubt and that we can only overcome them if we go through them and break out of our comfort zone. And we have to overcome them if we want to realise our dreams.

Today I know that when we are damn honest with ourselves and share our fears, self-doubts and thoughts with others, we notice that we are not alone. Honesty and vulnerability is the basis for beautiful, deep connections.


Today I am sure that we all have something special inside us.

what I love

By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-183


deep conversations

explore new things


being present in the moment

laughing a lot

beautiful and clean design

being in nature

the colours of nature

music - especially with a good beat

to express my creativity


i like the smell of the earth.

the touch of waves.

the taste of berries.

the sight of trees.

the sound of laughter.

and the feeling of being fully alive.

I would like to guide you to connect with your body and your heart and to find back to your essence
- your true nature.

So that you can feel your inner and outer beauty and allow yourself to show yourself exactly as you really are. Because that is what you are here for, my heart!

my mission

do you feel the call to go deeper?

and are you determined to create a life guided by your intuition?

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