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Blossome Journal


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find time for yourself, open your heart and let it shine

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hand on heart

We live in a fast-paced world full of constant expectations, stress and things we 'should' be doing.

At the end of the day, there is usually one thing that comes up short:

Time for ourselves!

And so our life can seem so happy on the outside, but on the inside we feel strange and notice: Something is missing.

In 2017, I left my "old" life behind. I quit my secure job, ended my relationship and left my flat. A journey into the unknown began for me. A journey into the wide world. A journey to myself.

I wanted to finally find clarity, fulfilment and my purpose. I knew: "It can't go on like this" and so I began to listen to myself and write everything down in a journal - something happened inside me: shell by shell I let go of expectations, fears, negative thoughts and doubts. Step by step I allowed myself to show myself even more as I really am - because I believe that is what our soul longs for and that is what we are here for.

By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-52

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my wish for you

I wish for you that you are worth taking time for yourself. Time to discover your inner radiance and, like a blossoming flower, to bring it out day by day. The world needs you just as you are - because you only exist once.

I wish that you can feel what I see in you:

Beauty - Uniqueness - Love

Now is the moment to start your journey.

Your conscious journey to yourself.

I developed the Blossome Journal for precisely this journey.

I am happy to be able to accompany you a little on your way,

Your Simone

what blossome journal does for you:

This journal accompanies you on your journey to yourself. There are a lot of things to discover:

A life full of joy, lightness and love that is slumbering inside you and waiting to be found by you.

Letting go of negative thoughts, external expectations, stress and old feelings that no longer serve you and how to let them go with gratitude.

Inner clarity in your mind so that you can see what you want to do with your life and how to make your life unique and beautiful.

Your inner radiance, which gives expression to your true beauty and infinite love, so that you become a light for yourself and for others.

And of course lots of self-love, fun and self-acceptance along the way

Do you hear the soft hum in your heart?

It's time to play your music.

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My clients' experiences:

Blossome Journal by Simone Stocker_Experience_Customer_feedback


This journal is pure self-love. It has taken me on an intense journey, even though I have "edited" some of it many times in other formats. It wasn't "editing" in the journal, it was a journey!
So wonderfully magical!"

Blossome Journal by Simone Stocker_Experience_Customer_feedback


Blossome Journal by Simone Stocker_Experience_Customer_feedback

The Blossome Journal helps me to structure my chaos of thoughts. To get clarity about what I actually want and what is important to me in life. And above all, what my next steps are. I can wholeheartedly recommend this great book to everyone. The many great details and inspirations jump out at you on every page. There is so much love in this book and it is a great gift to yourself 🙂 .


I love this journal. The structure is absolutely unique, well thought out and super super beautiful. It goes deep and connects you to you. The time you invest in this journal is simply priceless, because it is time for you.

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how the blossome journal is structured

Blossome Journal by Simone Stocker

part 1 - the vision

the gentle way into your heart vision

Here you create the basis of your fulfilment - your heart's vision. Exercises, theoretical inputs, tips and examples help you to find clarity about what you really want to experience and create and how to let go of fears, (self)-doubt, expectations and old feelings.


Blossome Journal by Simone Stocker

part 2 - the journey

a new life full of loving rituals

Daily journaling, planning and reflection pages help you make your new life a reality day by day by creating wonderful rituals. You will feel yourself becoming lighter, clearer and more fulfilled with each step. Until your life puts a smile on your face in the morning all by itself.


By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-125

what the

blossome journal makes unique:

The Blossome Journal gently guides you on a journey into your heart. The detailed coaching section helps you not only to implement habits, but also to gain clarity about your heart's vision.


A book can bring joy even before you open it. Through the loving design down to the smallest detail, you can literally feel a new radiance awakening in you. As unique as you are!


The book is the realisation of a vision. An idea that became reality. Just as your dreams can. I believe in you.



Blossome journal

By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-40

High-quality workmanship from printing to paper to thread binding (the book opens flat)

208 pages for daily journaling, planning and reflection

Thoughtful coaching programme that brings you clarity on your heart's vision & helps you let go of past obstacles, recreate yourself daily & transform your vision into reality.

secondR part of the journal: weekly check-in with in-depth self-reflection, weekly planning & 40 daily journaling pages.

The journal is undated and can be started at any time and completed at your own pace.

It is made with love and printed in Austria

Many inspiring quotes in between

22.2 x 16.8 cm

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Blossome Journal by Simone Stocker Meditation and Embodiment Pack

the perfect complement for your transformative journey

with the blossome journal:

new: 6 meditations and embodiment exercises to support you on the way to your heart

Dive deeper on your journey with the Blossome Journal - and with yourself. These exercises support you to connect with your heart and vision and to let go of your fears and self-doubt.



your most frequently asked questions answered:

do i have to start with part 1 or can i start where i want?

how many days does a journal last?

In the first part, the journal gently guides you to your heart's vision - you can work on this part in your own time. I recommend, however, to keep at it, to go on in small steps & to give yourself 3 weeks for this. The second part consists of 40 journaling & reflection pages, as according to yoga tradition it takes 40 days to integrate a new habit into your daily life.

In the first step you become clear where you want to go and in the second part you actually set off. So yes - you should start with part 1 - of course you can skip exercises in between, trust your intuition here - but at the same time move out of your comfort zone. Often the things we avoid are the very things that we actually need & do us good 😉

why does the journal cost € 44?

i have finished the blossome journal - what now?

The journal is published by Simone herself and therefore not financed by any publisher - so with your purchase you are supporting a small, local business and a big dream. As quality, sustainable production and support for local businesses is very important to Simone, the journal is printed in Austria (Styria) and only high quality materials are used. The Blossome Journal is a sensual experience and has been created with great attention to detail: Cardboard cover with finishings, open spine, strong paper for ideal writing, thread binding to be able to open the book completely and 208 pages full of inspiration, colour and magic. The Blossome Journal is a very special gift for yourself or your loved ones 🖤

First of all, be proud of yourself & thank yourself for taking time for yourself. That's wonderful! Congratulations! Then feel inside: "How do you feel now? What rituals do you want to continue to incorporate into your daily life?" And if you want to continue to be accompanied - be brave and ask for support. You don't have to go it alone! Here you can also find further coaching offers.

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we regret in life, not the things we have done

By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-119

but those we have not done.

When I started on my journey a few years ago, I didn't know where it would lead.

I was scared and unsure - and yet I listened to the quiet voice inside me that told me it was time to leave my comfort zone and go. Today I know that it was and still is the most important journey of my life, bringing me ease, freedom and fulfilment.

Therefore, I would like to encourage you to start your journey into your inner self.

The journey to you. Because your life is waiting for you.


i am ready for this journey