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a sensual journey to your true nature

earthess rising

By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-120


I guide you through the four seasons back to your true nature, your feminine essence and your unique expression.

It's time to live and show all your beautiful facets.

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Earthess Rising is for the woman who often compares herself to others, rarely feels good enough and therefore puts a lot of pressure on herself to be further along in her journey.

Do you wish you could perceive the beauty in and around you, enjoy the moment and trust your inner voice and life?
Then this journey is just right for you!

You know that part of you that is always imposing more, that is always in the future or in the past and just can't relax, can't stay in the moment?

In our society, we have learned to do more and more. Everything is getting louder, fuller and faster. It is never enough. But does that really make us happy and fulfilled? We have forgotten to feel, to sense ourselves. To listen to our own needs and to nourish ourselves. To come back to the simple, beautiful things in everyday life - which we often can't see when we are always running so fast.

it's time to become soft.

to slow down. to breathe deeply. to merge with the moment.

I created this programme for you:

Are you afraid of disappointing others and not being accepted if you show yourself as you are - with all your colours and facets?

Do you often want to fulfil outside expectations and find it difficult to set boundaries and express your true needs and feelings?

Does it frustrate you that you are not yet where you want to be and do you often put pressure on yourself and compare yourself with others?

Do the opinions, stimuli and pressure to perform outside overwhelm you?

Do you sometimes feel lonely & not safe - whether you are in a partnership or not?

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my intention for earthess rising

my wish for you

My wish for you is that you remember who you really are. That you allow yourself to shed, step by step, the shells that you have imposed on yourself in the course of your journey so far. That you free yourself. Allow your wild nature to come alive. To feel yourself again. To feel again what a gift this life is. And what a gift you are. And that you allow yourself and have the courage to show yourself exactly as you are. Without masks. Because the world needs you. Yes, you. Exactly as you are.

Are you ready for this journey? You don't have to go alone.

Step by step, my dear. I am by your side.

she is the goddess

of the earth

watch the trailer

she is you.

and you are her.

it's time to rise.


You can perceive your inner needs more, express and communicate them.

You feel connected to yourself - your body, your heart, your intuition and your creativity.

You find it easier to do more of the things you enjoy and less of the things you think you "have to do".

You can go your own way with more ease and joy

You feel more connection, intimacy and passion in your relationships

customer experience with earthess rising:

Dearest Simone, I am so grateful for what you have shared with us over the past weeks. How you have accompanied us, each individually, on the most beautiful journey - the journey to ourselves. From the beginning, your loving warmth accompanied me through your programme. Very quickly I saw that you put your whole heart into this... It became clear very quickly that you were REALLY interested in the change of the participants and not in selling your programme... I have done one or two coachings of very famous people in this field... but they were as impersonal as they could be. With you I have the feeling -like with a good friend... thank you for your wonderful, open heart. Thank you for all the new impulses and ideas... Thank you for your knowledge... Thank you for sharing it with the world. Thank you for existing...🧡



The meditations were very helpful to come to peace, your dreamlike videos with your beautiful voice and the advice as well as your tasks make a wonderful unity and bring so much warmth and light! Although I am basically a positive person, it has confirmed me to approach people cheerfully and with an open heart. I can only recommend it to anyone who finds it difficult to believe in themselves. Here, with you, he finds so many approaches that are worth exploring ... to look into his inner self.


You do a different kind of work. Your voice is so reassuring, just like your manner. I immediately had the feeling that I could trust you and just speak without having to think about whether it was the right thing to do. You listen so well and always ask the right questions. I just felt comfortable and I NEVER had the feeling for a second that I had made the wrong decision with you. You came at exactly the right time and I wish that many more women would have the courage to invest in themselves.

The group with you and the other women was very encouraging to be on the right path. Because I felt so close to you and realised that I am not alone. I love the embodiment exercises because I can finally really get from the head into the body (and to my soul) and shake up and loosen the deep-seated fears and emotions. The workbook is incredibly wonderful. So beautiful how you guided me to the right points and so often I had the feeling that the workbook knows exactly where I am.


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we women are cyclical beings

We are part of nature. We women go through different cycles - every month, every year, several times in our lives. Again and again we may learn to deal with change better - to let parts in us and around us die. To make room for the new.

To sow new seeds.

Every cycle phase brings beauty. Our hormones and the stars have a great influence on our emotions.We don't always have the same amount of energy. Sometimes we are more extroverted - sometimes more introverted. In the next few weeks we will go through the four seasons together.

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Here you'll get answers

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earthess rising introduceD

over the next few weeks i will guide you through the four seasons

all embodying a different energy


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planting new seeds

Spring is a time of awakening and invites us to radiate our light outwards. To plant new seeds and create ourselves anew - from the heart and from love.

Module 5: the inner knowing
Module 6: arriving in the present moment

slowing down & turning inwards

Autumn is about shifting down a gear. We learn to go back into stillness. Connecting with our femininity. To come into feeling. To observe what is going on inside us, in our head and in our body and to speak lovingly with ourselves.

Module 1:
creating a sacred space

Module 2: slowing down

blooming wide open

letting go

Before we ask ourselves what we want to attract into our lives and what new seeds we want to sow - we are allowed to create space. We may learn to let go - outside and inside. To let go of conditioning that no longer serves us. That we are no longer.

Module 3:
every feeling is valid
Module 4:
letting go & forgiveness

Everything is already here. Open your eyes. Open your heart. Again and again. It's time to show yourself. To express your unique creativity. To celebrate life. To dance the nights away. To laugh. To play. To feel alive. Welcome to the moment.

Module 7: planting seeds
Module 8: plenty - it's already here

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this is a journey

A journey that may be easy: full of joy, full of insights and full of wonders along the way. The path is the goal - not the goal itself. Come back to the moment. What you desire is already here - in you. And around you. You just can't see it yet. Not yet feel it. And that's ok. In the next weeks you will learn to perceive all the beauty again and to enjoy the journey on this magical earth.

a journey that can be beautiful

what you get

to embody your femininity & your true essence

By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-30
By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-30
By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-30
By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-30

Earthess Rising consists of 8 modules with video lessons, a detailed workbook with wonderful tools and a total of 16 guided practices, which you can download as video or audio files.

I love aesthetics and it is especially important to me to create something that touches your senses and that you can enjoy this journey with. The videos are created in a wonderful studio in Mallorca and Vienna. The 300-page workbook is designed with an incredible amount of love and is printed sustainably in Styria. I hope you can feel how much love went into the creation of EARTHESS RISING.

I work very intuitively and my technique is a mixture of the following tools: dance, embodiment techniques, guided meditations and visualisations, mindfulness techniques, astrology, human design, Ayurveda ... and my greatest teacher: MOTHER NATURE.

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the investment in yourself

payment in instalments is possible for all versions

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basic / self study

the wild women united

For the absolute best and most sensual experience, I definitely recommend "the wild women reunited" group version. Here you have weekly opportunities to share with me and the other wonderful women. You are held and guided and do not have to walk this path alone. Together we will always remember the beauty within us and around us. The doors are currently closed.

If you want to do the programme in your own time, know that you will follow through with what you set out to do and don't need extra support - then you can opt for the basic version.

You can start with the basic version at any time.

basic version PLUS:

8 modules in your Membership Space

Printed, high quality produced workbook

High quality produced video lessons & 16 guided practices (audio & video)

a package with sensual ritual tools

Unlimited access & download of all content

1x group live session / week

a digital, lovingly designed workbook

in a small, intimate group of women (to support each of you optimally)



€ 749,-


registration is currently closed - sign up here for the waiting list for the next group

register now

+ bonus for all versions

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playlist for each season

Music is medicine and balm for the soul and helps you to embody the qualities of each season even more deeply.

By-Simone-Stocker_Self Love Coach_Blossome Journal_Earthess Rising_Self Love_Pia Koban

live session with astrologer pia koban

Embodying the feminine archetypes of the zodiac signs


Each of us embodies all 12 astrological zodiac signs to a unique degree. In this session, Pia guides you through the 12 feminine archetypes of the zodiac signs in a powerful meditation followed by a journaling exercise. Connecting with the archetypes will help you rediscover the different facets of your femininity within yourself and strengthen your intuitive abilities.


can i pay by bank transfer?

approximately how much time should i allow?

Yes - if you want to pay by bank transfer, feel free to send me an email to

For each weekly module there are approx. 30 min video lessons, 1x meditation (approx. 20 min), 1x embodiment exercise (approx. 30 min), the work in the workbook will take approx. 2 hours per week - you can do the exercises as often as you can in your everyday life.

Can I also buy the printed workbook separately at

Yes, you can find the workbook here in the shop.

when does the next live group start?

The next "The Wild Women United" live group is expected to start in December 2021. You can already put your name on the waiting list here without obligation.

is there a money back guarantee?

No refunds are possible. So only register if you really feel called and have the space for Earthess Rising.

do you have another question?
write me here

she wore nature upon her lips

By Simone Stocker_Life Coach_Self-love-Blossome journal-Earthess Rising-97

and wild was her favorite shade

I live for the day when being human is

what defines one's beauty.

Loved like the wild.

Embraced through all of our changes.

i am ready for this journey