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This Candle Collection captures the adventurous spirit of the Bohemian Woman as she travels to far-flung destinations around the world. From the vibrant energy of the world's great cities to the peace of unspoiled nature; her only guide is the unique, the real and the unforgettable. Each candle is a snapshot of a perfect moment in a unique place, a sensual journey that ignites passion and nourishes the soul. Follow her on a journey to the most seductive places in the world.


This fragrance whisks you away to northern Italy. Deliciously sweet, refreshingly sophisticated. Take a deep breath and enjoy the rich sweet aroma of grapes mingling with the floral lushness of Italian jasmine. Imagine the natural beauty of the Piedmont mountains working in the distance and the fresh, wooded air of the Alps wafting over.

Top notes: white muscat grape, green apple

Middle: purple grapes, jasmine

Base: oak, vetiver, musk



  • 240 g
  • Natural wax
  • Clean Burn | Vegan | Cotton Wicks
  • Phthalate-free
  • Sustainable | Handmade in the USA
  • Burning time approx. 50 hours.
Für ein optimales Brennerlebnis solltest du den Kerzendocht vor jedem Gebrauch kürzen. Lasse die Kerze niemals unbeaufsichtigt oder in Reichweite von Kindern oder Haustieren brennen. Schütze die Oberfläche unter der Kerze.    ABOUT BOHÈME FRAGRANCES

Bohéme began with a dream. What if we could make candles by hand to evoke memories of our most beautiful adventures in life?

Bohéme Fragrances' intention has always been to make candles by hand in small batches, sustainably and phthalate-free. Using the highest quality ingredients, such as specially crafted oils, cotton wicks and natural wax, and partnering with world-renowned boutique fragrance houses to bring the vision to life. The unique experiences and backgrounds of their partners enable them to create evocative candles that bring your senses to life. This labour of love has been the great passion behind the American brand Bohéme Fragrances for the past five years. The muse behind the creations has consistently been the Bohéme Woman - adventurous, free-spirited and always true to herself. The candles are designed to take you on a journey, with each box and candle spotlighting a moment seen through the eyes of the muse.


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