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Smoking ropes are hung on this handmade, minimalist burner and create a wonderful fragrance and unique smoking spectacle. Hang the incense ropes (which come in different woods and finishes) in this custom-made burner and watch the smoke begin to dance. 

Smoking ropes are not included in this product, you will find a nice selection in the shop.

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Inspired by nature, care is taken to emulate and embrace the natural feel of the material and its handcrafted nature. Air pockets are visible on the surface of the burner, enhancing the raw, earthy and minimalist design. To create the burner, a wet concrete mix is poured into moulds made of silicone. The burners are then dried, sanded by hand and sealed. As this is a handmade product, the pattern is unique and the burners may vary slightly. Details such as air pockets, slight unevenness or minor colour differences are part of the handmade character of the product. The burner is underlaid with a layer of cork to protect the surfaces. The product may stain when in direct contact with heat. Not recommended for burning incense that requires direct contact with the surface of the burner. The product does not contain Rope incense. Comes in a reusable canvas bag with a Purnama Rituals logo.   About Purnama Rituals All products are made entirely by hand with love and the whole process takes place in Poland.

"Geprägt von verschiedenen Philosophien, Forschungsarbeit und unseren eigenen Erfahrungen kreieren wir achtsame Produkte und streben danach Rituale zu kultivieren, die dich bei deinem Wachstum unterstützen. Wir glauben, dass einfache Rituale heilige Erfahrungen schaffen können. Wir streben danach, durch Achtsamkeit, Wachstum und kontinuierliche Praxis eine vernetztere und seelenzentrierte Lebensweise zu kultivieren."


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Beton, Terrazzo


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