Coaching programme to connect you with your true nature and feminine essence.

I accompany you through the different energies of the 4 seasons and through a total of 8 modules

  • AUTUMN: slowing down & turning inwards
  • WINTER: letting go
  • SPRING: planting new seeds
  • SUMMER: blooming wide open

Earthess Rising consists of 8 modules with video lessons, a detailed digital workbook with wonderful tools and a total of 16 guided embodiment practices and meditations available for you to download as video or audio files. Earthess Rising guides you with great attention to detail through the areas of "feminine / masculine energy", "discovering my gifts", "integration & transformation of painful experiences", "deconditioning process", "connection to my intuition", "sowing seeds from the heart" and much more.

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You want to create a life from your heart? What exactly is holding you back from showing yourself as you really are? In all your unique facets? Do you actually feel a connection to yourself and to your heart?

Old hurts, traumas, beliefs, expectations ... keep us from feeling our true essence and radiating outwards. In our fast-paced everyday life there are so many ways to distract us from what is actually going on inside us - but this means that at some point we can no longer feel ourselves and have no access to our true nature. In this programme I would like to accompany you back TO YOU - to your healthy, feminine expression. And layer by layer, shed the shells of the past that no longer serve you ... to create space. More space for YOU. Because it is exactly YOU we want to see.

EARTHESS RISING IST FÜR DIE FRAU, DIE SICH VERBINDEN MÖCHTE MIT IHRER EIGENEN KRAFT & TEIL DER KREATION EINER NEUEN ERDE SEIN MÖCHTE. ES IST ZEIT DICH ZURÜCKZUERINNERN WARUM DU WIRKLICH HIER BIST. Wünschst du dir die Schönheit in dir und um dich herum wahrnehmen zu können, den Moment zu genießen und deiner inneren Stimme und dem Leben zu vertrauen? Dann ist diese Reise genau das Richtige für dich!

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