Palo Santo


Palo Santo is a small stick from a tree with a high content of essential oils. It is a pure natural product and a ceremonial incense used for rituals and evokes a moment of peace and reflection when smoked.

This Palo Santo is of Peruvian origin. Ethical origin certified by SERFOR.


Removes negative energies, neutralises tension in the body, calms the emotions and harmonises the mind. Its fragrance calms the senses and helps relieve stress. While the scent of Palo Santo stimulates the brain, the body relaxes, blood circulation increases and we experience a feeling of mental clarity, peace and positive emotions.



APPLICATION To light it, hold Palo Santo over the flame at an angle of about 45 degrees for about half a minute. The stick is not properly lit when it begins to smoke slightly, but only when it catches the flame. Let it burn for a moment and then blow it out to extinguish the flame. Now it starts to smoke. Direct the smoke to the areas you want to clean or place the Palo Santo in a ceramic bowl.   ATTENTION! - Lasse einen angezündeten Räucherstab niemals alleine brennen. - Nicht auf freiliegenden Oberflächen verwenden, da dies Asche Verbrennungen und Flecken verursachen kann. - Von Kindern fernhalten - Bitte brenne keine Räucherstäbchen, wenn du schwanger bist oder Atemprobleme hast - Vergewisser dich, dass das Räucherwerk vollständig und ordnungsgemäß gelöscht ist, bevor du es weglegst   ABOUT PURNAMA RITUALS All products are made entirely by hand with love and the whole process takes place in Poland.

"Shaped by different philosophies, research and our own experiences, we create mindful products and strive to cultivate rituals that support your growth. We believe that simple rituals can create sacred experiences. We strive to cultivate a more connected and soul-centred way of living through mindfulness, growth and continuous practice."



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