Patchouli Incense Cone


Made from delicate blends of patchouli, selected natural herbs and spices. Patchouli has a well-deserved reputation in aromatherapy, with its deep, musky and sweet scent that is also described as woody and spicy.


Thanks to its relaxing effect, patchouli can be used to calm the nerves and balance the mind and body. It is known to bring good energy and positive vibrations and is often used in money and prosperity rituals and manifestations.



This special incense blend is made only from natural ingredients: Herbs and spices that are blended to create a high quality aromatherapy product. This product is made entirely by hand and the entire process takes place in Nepal.



Put the incense cone in the censer, light it and watch the smoke dance.



- Never let a lit incense cone burn alone.

- Do not use on exposed surfaces as the ash may cause burns and stains.

- Keep away from children

- Please do not burn incense if you are pregnant or have respiratory problems.

- Make sure the incense is completely and properly extinguished before putting it away.



All products are made entirely by hand with love and the whole process takes place in Poland.

"Shaped by different philosophies, research and our own experiences, we create mindful products and strive to cultivate rituals that support your growth. We believe that simple rituals can create sacred experiences. We strive to cultivate a more connected and soul-centred way of living through mindfulness, growth and continuous practice."



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