Workbook EARTHESS RISING - print edition


Coaching programme to connect you with your true nature and feminine essence:

    • I accompany you through the different energies of the 4 seasons and through a total of 8 modules.
  • AUTUMN: slowing down & turning inwards
  • WINTER: letting go
  • SPRING: planting new seeds
  • SUMMER: blooming wide open
    • the workbook consists of many exercises, theoretical background, tips and examples on the topics "feminine / masculine energy", "discovering my gifts", "integration & transformation of painful experiences", "deconditioning process", "connection to my intuition", "sowing seeds from the heart" and much more.
    • plus journaling pages for each day - to become an observer, to change your habits and beliefs and for more self-love and gratitude.
    • Language: German
    • many inspiring quotes in between
    • Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm
    • 299 pages
  • sustainably produced with love and printed on incredibly high-quality natural paper in Austria

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Du möchtest dir ein Leben aus deinem Herzen erschaffen? Was hält dich genau davor zurück dich so zu zeigen, wie du wirklich bist? In all deinen einzigartigen Facetten? Fühlst du eigentlich eine Verbindung zu dir und zu deinem Herzen? Alte Verletzungen, Traumen, Glaubenssätze, Erwartungen ... halten uns davor auf unsere wahre Essenz zu fühlen und nach außen zu strahlen. In unserem schnellen Alltag gibt es so viele Möglichkeiten uns abzulenken von dem was tatsächlich in uns vorgeht - dadurch können wir uns aber irgendwann nicht mehr spüren und haben keinen Zugang zu unserer wahren Natur. In diesem Programm möchte ich dich wieder zurück ZU DIR begleiten - zu deinem gesunden, weiblichen Ausdruck. Und Schicht für Schicht die Schalen der Vergangenheit ablegen, die dir nicht mehr dienen ... um Raum zu schaffen. Mehr Raum für DICH. Denn genau DICH möchten wir sehen. Earthess Rising is for the woman who often compares herself to others, rarely feels good enough and therefore puts a lot of pressure on herself to be further along in her journey. Do you wish to be able to perceive the beauty within and around you, to enjoy the moment and to trust your inner voice and life? Then this journey is just right for you! This workbook is part of the online programme EARTHESS RISING. It guides you through a sensual journey to your true nature. This product does not include the video content and 18 embodiment practices / meditations that are part of the programme. With the purchase of this printed version you will receive a 10% discount on the self-study version of EARTHESS RISING.

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