Yerba Santa Incense Stick


Hand-rolled Smudge Stick made from selected medicinal plants and aromatic spices, completely natural. Handmade according to ancient traditional formulas. When burned, Yerba Santa produces a warm, sweet yet herbal smoke that is especially appreciated in healing ceremonies.


Its energy supports self-care and self-love. Yerba Santa regulates self-esteem, supports development and strengthens self-confidence.



Yerba Santa, also known as "holy herb", is a sweet-smelling plant so named by Spanish monks who were impressed by its strong healing properties. It shows anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Yerba Santa originates from the mountains of the southwestern USA, where the herbs are harvested in a way that does not harm the plant's natural environment.

Yerba Santa increases mental resources, helps develop consciousness and creates an atmosphere of healing and protection. It has traditionally been used as a protective incense and assists in setting boundaries. It supports in freeing oneself from emotional pain.

  APPLICATION Hold the Smudge Stick at a slight angle and light it. Let the flame burn for a moment and then blow it out. Leave it to burn on a fireproof surface.   ATTENTION! - Lasse einen angezündeten Räucherstab niemals alleine brennen. - Nicht auf freiliegenden Oberflächen verwenden, da dies Asche Verbrennungen und Flecken verursachen kann. - Von Kindern fernhalten - Bitte brenne keine Räucherstäbchen, wenn du schwanger bist oder Atemprobleme hast - Vergewisser dich, dass das Räucherwerk vollständig und ordnungsgemäß gelöscht ist, bevor du es weglegst   ABOUT PURNAMA RITUALS All products are made entirely by hand with love and the whole process takes place in Poland.

"Shaped by different philosophies, research and our own experiences, we create mindful products and strive to cultivate rituals that support your growth. We believe that simple rituals can create sacred experiences. We strive to cultivate a more connected and soul-centred way of living through mindfulness, growth and continuous practice."



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