Growing up in a world where we get told how we should be, what we should do, how we should look like … what we loose is the connection to our true essence.

I am different than you. I choose a different path. Different things bring me joy. I make different decisions than you do. And that is beautiful. Diversity is beautiful. There is no one size fits all.

What is your path?

How do you, yes YOU want to create your life?

Let‘s find it out together.



A conscious journey to yourself.

4 Group Live Sessions with journaling rituals, embodiment practices and tools to strengthen your inner voice and turn down the volume of the voices and opinions around you (online via zoom, recorded, in case you can‘t join live)

The Blossome Journal, delivered to your doorstep

Recorded Meditations and Embodiment Practices, that guide you through the journey from confusion & overwhelm to certainty & inner peace


01.09.- 23.09.2022

  • week 1 – get to know YOURSELF better

To embark on a new path, it makes sense to first look in the mirror and take a closer look at what you see. Because only when you come to stillness and know what is important to you personally and who you want to be – and actually on a heart level already are – only then you can choose the path of your soul.

  • week 2 – be the CREATOR of your own life

If you know the traveler, it’s time for the destination. What dreams are left when you would know everything is possible? What is your heart longing for the most? And what would it look like if your dream was already a reality? In step 2 you create your travel plan.

  • week 3 – what is holding you BACK

There are always dangers and obstacles on a journey. Especially on the journey inward, we encounter many companions who used to be useful, but are not anymore. Be it beliefs, expectations or fears, here you can clear your way – with ease.

  • week 4 – the beauty way // arriving in the moment

How will your dream life become reality? With small steps that strengthen day by day what is good for you and eliminate what is not good for you. And remember how you can always come back into your wonderful creative power – with joy, ease and gratitude. So that the journey itself becomes a wonderful adventure – not just the destination. Because in the end it‘s about recognizing the beauty in every moment. In the small things. In the mundane. Recognizing the beauty within you and around you. Because life doesn‘t start when you have achieved your goal – it‘s happening right here, right now. Can you see this?

I created this journal with great attention to detail. Each exercise is chosen with love and designed with heart, so the first time you hold the journal in your hands, you have a mirror in front of you of how beautiful you are and how precious is every step you take. I want you to remember.

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