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What makes your heart sing?

It's time to be yourself & create the life you want to live.

It’s time to head into the direction, that makes your eyes sparkle. It’s time to see how beautiful you truly are and fully show yourself. It’s time to transform the layers, the stories, the expectations, fears and self-doubts that are holding you back. It’s time to explore your full potential. “The path of awakening is not about becoming who you are. Rather it is unbecoming who you are not” — Albert Schweitzer

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golden nectar retreat, mallorca

06.-10. october 2021

five magical days with lots of (self) love, nature, sensuality and connection


A sensual journey to your true nature

8 weeks in which I accompany you back to your true nature.

1:1 Blossome Coaching Journey

coming back to your true nature

3 months with 6 intimate coaching sessions – based on your specific situation and individual needs

The Blossome Journal

a conscious journey to myself

this journal is like your coach in a pocket. It helps you to explore your authentic self, create the life of your dreams & live your full potential.

Meditation- und Embodiment Pack

6 Meditations & Embodiment Practices that connect you to your heart

These guided Practices & Meditations can be done multiple times and support you on your inner journey to connect to your heart vision and let go of self doubt, fear, limiting beliefs and everything that comes up on your path.

I'm here for You

Hi, I'm Simone.

I'm a coach, 5elements dance facilitator and singer on a mission to help you to connect to your heart, body and to nature - so you can remember how beautiful and unique you truly are, explore and live your full potential and allow yourself to do what makes your heart sing.

The world needs
what you have within you.

By Simone Stocker Blossome


I believe you are able to do and create so much more than you think you can. And I want you to see and feel that you are beautiful and unique – exactly the way you already are.

The Magic of Coaching



Working with Simone gave me a huge confidence boost. I’d never done any kind of coaching before, and was extremely terrified of opening up to a complete stranger. But Simone made me feel safe and at ease from the moment we started our first session. She not only helped me to uncover some of my most prevalent limiting beliefs and successfully reframe them, but also to embrace my vulnerability and use it to my advantage for a more joyful and authentic life experience.

I’ve become much more aware of my own strengths, and I’m not afraid any more to share my gifts with the world. My personalized coaching experience with Simone empowered me to trust my gut instinct and navigate life from a place of deep trust in the universe to finally fulfill a livelong dream of mine.


The Magic of Coaching



Before Simone became my coach I was struggling to make audio and video content. I always want to be creative, make videos and music. Simone has been helping me to make it part of my life.

Next to that Simone helps me to understand myself better in all aspects of life - like business and relationships.

I believe that everyone should have a coach like Simone.
She has a non-judging mindset, that I need to open-up to someone.
She continues asking to make you find out, what you really want and help you to make your own conclusions.

Because of Simone I accept and love myself more for who I really am.

Also I have been using the blossome journal for half a year now, which I highly recommend to everyone!