#6 how luck brought me to bali

September 23, 2018
and how you can fulfull your dreams as well

In this episode you will learn more about:

  • my journey and how I decided to moved to Bali
  • why it wasn’t easy at all
  • my fears and how I jumped out of my comfort zone
  • why I don’t believe in luck
  • the main reasons why we don’t fulfill our dreams
  • how you can get to know yourself better and find out what you want
  • why it is so hard for us to change
  • how you can overcome what is holding you back and live your dream life


Here you can download the summary sheet of this episode.

Here you can download the questions I mentioned in this episode.

By Simone Stocker Blossome


I want to help you to be and show your true self and explore your full potential.
I believe you are able to do and create so much more than you think you can. And I want you to see and feel that you are beautiful and unique – exactly the way you already are.