What do you belief about yourself?

Our beliefs are either empowering or disempowering and lead to our emotions and feelings and this is leading to our actions and results. So actually everything that we do has to do with what we are telling ourselves and our self worth. Our beliefs are the foundation for our success.

Every experience, everything that people say to us is stored in our subconscious mind. Until we are 7 years old our brain is like a sponge and is “sucking everything in”. When we get older, we have a filter and we can actually decide (a little bit) what we are letting in and what not - what we decide to belief and what not.

How does it make you feel?

This always is the most important question. If a belief feels good, warm, light, heart opening - it probably leads to a good feeling. This good feeling leads to a specific action and to a specific result. What beliefs about yourself do make you feel good and powerful?

Other beliefs - for example if you belief, that you are "not good enough", "not beautiful enough", "life is unfair", "no one loves me", "I am alone" ... do not make you feel good. They probably feel heavy, cold, painful, dark - just watch the reaction in your body, if you belief a negative thought, like this. How does it make you feel?

What emotion comes up, if you are telling yourself, that you are not loveable?

How do you react, when you believe this thought?

And what result do you get, when you act upon this belief?

You can change your beliefs

These are very good news, don't you think?

Awareness is always the first step.

So - what are you telling yourself?

Ways to reprogram your brain

  1. Become aware of the major limiting beliefs you have (where is your greatest challenge or pain?)
  2. Come up with the opposite, empowering belief
  3. Repeat, repeat, repeat! Write it down, put it in your wallet, place it on your mirror, use it as your phone lock screen - anywhere, where you see it everyday. And repeat it as often as you can! Say it out loud and look yourself into the eyes! Say it as powerful as you can and really try to believe it. (This definitely needs practice, so be patient, kind and compassionate to yourself.)
  4. Connect to your new belief - feel as if it is true. How would you act, if this belief would be true? How does it make you feel? Feel the emotion and connect to it!
  5. Act as if the new belief is true! Fake it until you make it - you are rewiring your brain!

I've created 16 beautiful images with powerful affirmations - choose which one really resonates to you.

It might feel a bit weird and uncomfortable in the beginning - or even painful. Maybe just can't belief this statement is true for you. This is a sign, that you really need this affirmation. 😉

I feel you - at first it might be really difficult, but it gets better and better over time. Trust the process and stick to it.

You are beautiful. You are enough. We all are.

I can't wait to hear your results 🙂

Lots of love,


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