How do you feel right now?

Maybe you do feel unfulfilled in any area of your life. In your job. In your relationship(s). In your life in general. 

Or maybe you do feel like there is something missing. Like there has to be more to life. This can not be it. 

And it is true. There is so much more to life. So much more to explore. So many more beautiful experiences to come. So much more joy. So much more love. And I want you to feel it. Because life is truly beautiful. 

With reading this article you are doing the right thing. You are doing another step forward - you are getting closer to a happy & fulfilled life. You are listening to your heart. You are trusting your feelings. 

The goal of this blogpost is to show you how you can design the life of your dreams - how you can create a life filled with love, meaning, fulfillment and joy. And how you can overcome what is holding you back - to fully be YOU.

Your feelings are your guide.

Good feelings lead you to what you should do more of.

Negative feelings are telling you "look at me - there is something to explore. Something to transform. Something to overcome"

So you have all the answers already within you. No one can tell you what you should or shouldn't do or what you need to think. Trust your gut. Trust your intuition. And question everything.

This is the key to a fulfilled life.

We could already stop here 🙂 

But there is a lot more really valuable insights to come. 

Listen to your heart

I want you to listen to your heart. I'm not telling you what you should do. I'm just asking questions that help you to get to know yourself better. I am sharing my truth & what works for me. I am trying to help you to see things from another perspective. 

Read, feel & decide what feels right to you. 

And let me know what resonates with you (and also what doesn't) in the comments below 🙂

So who am I?

Hi, I am Simone.

3 years ago, I had a normal, very well paid job, I was living in a beautiful apartment in the mountains in austria & I was in a very happy relationship. 

But still, I wasn't really fulfilled. I just felt, that there was something missing - and I tried to fill that void inside of me with lots of stuff.

I didn't really like myself that much and I was scared to admit, that I am not feeling great. I was afraid to talk about what was going on within me. 

I thought I am alone with those feelings. And also these are so called "first world problems" - we are thought to push them away, distract ourselves and not look at them. 

So I did too. 

I just moved on and did what everyone else around me was doing.

I followed the plan.

Suddenly everything changed. 

My boyfriend broke up with me and it was so fucking painful. 

My world broke into pieces.

This decision of someone else (that I had no control over) changed my whole situation and all my future plans. And there was nothing I could do about it.

Today I know this was the "call from the universe" - and I am very glad it happened. 

I started to listen to my heart. 

It took me a while to figure out how that works. Listening to your heart and to your intuition is - like everything else - a process. 

Last summer I quit my job, I sold most of my stuff and I moved to Bali - alone and without a big plan. 

I just needed to get away from all the expectations from my family and society in general, so I could truly find myself. 

All I knew was that I want to help people to listen to their heart and overcome what is holding them back to fully live and show their true, authentic self. 

I did a Yoga Teacher Training at The Practice in Bali, a 1-year Life Coaching Apprenticeship with Carl Massy and many more workshops and courses on personal development and spirituality. And I started to work with a coach myself, to find out what I really want and how I can get there. 

Now I am working as a Life Coach (mainly online) and I published the Blossome Journal, which is a coaching program in a book, that helps you to get to know yourself better, create the life of your dreams and focus on what's most important, fulfilling and joyful to you. 

Enough about me. 

Let's get right into the 5 most important keys to live a happy and fulfilled life. 

What do you really want?

I realize many of my clients do struggle with that. 

They are constantly looking for their passion, their purpose - the one thing. 

They feel like they don't know what they want.

Do you also feel like you just don't know what to do?

I am telling you: I don't think this is true.

Deep in your heart you do know.

Probably you are afraid to admit that. 

Maybe you are scared of what other people do think about you. Maybe you are scared of failing or you think you don't have enough money to follow your dreams. 

Your brain is actually looking for reasons, why you are not able to do what you actually would love to do. 

So I do believe you know - if you are very honest to yourself. 

Who else would know, if not you?

Don't make it too big in your head. It's something different for everybody. Maybe you want to open a yoga studio, maybe you want to travel the world, maybe you want to write a book, maybe you want to start a family or want to commit to a serious relationship, maybe you want to make music ... it doesn't have to do anything with your job and also it changes during the course of your life. 

Whatever it is - it has to make your eyes sparkle. 

It has to make you feel excited. 

Start asking yourself the right questions

My free e-book helps you to get clear on what you want and helps you to create a vision of your ideal life.

The questions in this e-book help you to get more direction. Answering the right questions and writing down your thoughts on a piece of paper clears the chaos in your head and you can finally see what is truly important to you. 

This takes time and effort and it's not always easy. 

But the more time you consciously spend with yourself and the more things you try - the better you get to know yourself and the clearer it gets what you want and what you don't want. 

You have to act. 

It doesn't get more clear, when you overthink it. You need to try shit out. 

It's all a journey and an experience - so just start with something. 

Get out of your comfort zone, out of your head and start - and trust that it is going to unfold exactly the way it should.

You've got this!

SHARE & find yourself a community

Share what is going on inside of you - with your friends, your family, your partner. Find people that you trust and that support you on your journey.

This is so important. 

Although I am certain, that living a fulfilled life starts with yourself. The connection to yourself & the belief and trust in yourself is the foundation. It is big times. 

But I also believe you can't really make it on your own.

To me it is so important to connect to likeminded people, that have similar goals, that I trust, that inspire me, motivate me, are my accountability partners, give me another perspective on things where I am stuck or where I can't see the light. 

This is also the reason, why I chose to be a coach - because I want to be this person for others and I want to help you to move roadblocks, that you can't see any more. Often it is easier to talk to a person, that is not emotionally involved. 

It's so beautiful to share what is really going on inside of your head. 

Suddenly you realize that you are not alone with your fears, with your thoughts and your self doubts. 

Being vulnerable connects one another on such a deep level.

Did you ever have the feeling, that you don't really belong?

I've been there. I had this feeling probably my whole life - I often felt like the black sheep in my family, in my school and the village I grew up in. 

Now, since I am sharing my honest thoughts and feelings, since I fully open up to others - I can truly embrace the things I didn't like about myself. I care less about what other people do think about me. 

And other people open up to me as well. 

Now I know I am not alone. At all. 

And this is such a great feeling. 

It's so beautiful, when you can give and receive true love - while being you - and you don't have to pretend to be someone else, because you want to be loved and to belong.

Your crowd is out there!

Believe me.

What is holding you back?

Now we are getting to the juicy part. 

What is in the way from being and showing who you truly are?

From doing what you secretly would love to do.

From travelling the world, writing a book, quitting the job that doesn't fulfill you, from this thing that keeps coming back into your mind.

And you're pushing it away. 

You are distracting yourself. 

You are looking for love, satisfaction & joy from somewhere else, but it keeps coming back.

There is a reason for that.

There is a reason, why it is coming back again and again.

Why are you not taking the leap?

Why do you keep pushing it away?

It's because of your fears & beliefs about yourself, that are based on your experiences of the past. 

The good thing is we all have fears - and most of the time it comes back to the fear of being unworthy - the fear of not being worthy of love. 

So, on a surface level you might be afraid of not being successful or failing.

But what does it really mean?

What happens if it doesn't work out the way you wanted it to?

Would you feel ashamed?

Do you feel you are more worthy, if you are successful?

Maybe this is what we were taught. 

We were taught that love goes hand in hand with success.

If we have good grades in school, we receive a lot of love from our parents.

And this experience is stored in our subconscious mind - and we still believe it - on a subconscious level, when we are adults. 

Keep asking yourself the most important question:

Is it really true?

Our brain wants to trick us. It wants to protect us and tries to find reasons, to stay in our comfort zone - because it is safe here. 

We all are facing fears. Every time we are leaving our comfort zone. 

Fear is peeing in your pants. Courage is doing it with wet pants. 

The only way we can overcome our fears is to go through it - this way we are teaching our brain something new again. 

"Look - this wasn't as scary and dangerous as you thought it is."

It's scary. It really is. But the more you do it - the easier it gets. Because you realize you can only win. 

Either it works out or it doesn't - but still you are winning. EXPERIENCE. 

When you get scared, ask yourself:

What is the worst thing that can happen?

I believe the worst thing is:

  • not trying it
  • staying in your comfort zone (feeling comfortable, but not fulfilled)
  • comparing yourself to others & feeling bad or jealous
  • and keep asking yourself "what if ...?"

work on your mindset

You are the only one that can limit your greatness.

Really - it all starts with what you think about yourself and what you think about the world in general. 

Two people in the same situation, can have a completely different experience.

It's all about your mindset - how you are able to look at things.

There is something positive in every situation. If you trust that everything works out for your good & everything happens for a reason and gets you one step closer to your true self - it changes the whole game.

This again is a process. 

Don't judge yourself for having bad thoughts. 

Actually it's not possible to have positive thoughts all the time. 

But we can choose where we put our focus on. 

Our thoughts always come first. The emotion comes after - when we choose to put our focus on that thought. 

Negative emotions are a message from your soul.

Your soul wants to tell you that you have to take a closer look. There is something that needs to be healed - a layer that you need to take off to get closer to your core. A limiting belief to be transformed. 

The biggest need of your soul is to be whole, to feel love from within & to be authentic. 

Please read this again. This is so powerful. 

The biggest need of your soul is to be whole, to feel love from within & to be authentic. 

Your soul sends you messages - your feelings - to get closer to your core.

To get rid of all the layers - so you can see how beautiful you truly are and show exactly that. Show yourself exactly the way you are. 

The world needs you exactly like that.

Don't try to be someone else.

You are special. And you are beautiful. 

do what makes you feel good

Actually everything comes back to that.

Doing what feels good.

Don't get me wrong: It's not doing what makes you feel comfortable.

It's doing what brings you joy, what makes you feel excited, what gives you energy, what opens your heart, what feels warm and light.

We always think if we achieve this or that - then we can feel good.

But you won't feel like a different person only because you lose weight, make a lot of money or find Mr. or Mrs. Right. 

Maybe you feel great in the beginning, but then you find out that it's not that great as it was in your imagination. 

Still there is something missing.

It's time to change your mindset and feel good now.

Enjoy the process - this moment is all we have.

This is it. 

This moment. Here. Right now.

How can you feel good right now?

First feel good - then act. And not vice versa. 

So think about it - What gives you energy?

Maybe it is dancing, singing, having deep conversations with people you love, playing, laughing about stupid things, being in nature, moving your body ... whatever it is - do more of that!

If we feel good ...

  • our choices and actions are going to be so much better - we can think more clear.
  • we easily get into the flow.
  • we are a lot more productive and creative and come up with the best solutions.
  • we are in a much more positive state to achieve whatever we want to.
  • and we can share the love within us with others.

So I encourage you to write a list of the things that make you feel good - I call these "my joybringers" - and do something from this list every day. 

Don't wait until this or that happens and you can feel good.

Choose to feel good now.

It truly is your choice. 

So this is it.

My ideas and tips on how to create a happy and meaningful life. Let me know what you think about it. And let me know what your biggest struggles and challenges are at the moment - I would love to help you to get further. 

Send me an email to or hop on a free 30-minute call with me.

I will do my best to support you on your journey. 

Lots of love from me to you,


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